I met Shimon through a mutual friend, and had two major goals in mind when contacting him:

Arrange all my pension, checking, savings, and insurance accounts

Review daily, monthly, and yearly expenses

Review long-term investment options


From the first meeting, I noticed that Shimon was straight forward. Wanted to make sure he understood what my goals were and explained where and how he can help. Once he had all the relevant information, Shimon compiled a very deep and thorough analysis of my current financial status, as well as clear recommendations for my future long-term goals.


Throughout the process, Shimon was always available for questions. He assured me when I wasn't sure myself, always stood by me, making sure I have all the information in order to make the right decision.


When dealing with such important issues as current and future financial planning, it's important to have a professional advisor whose goal is to help get what you want. I felt from minute one that Shimon was on my side, helping me reach the plan that's right for me.


I would highly recommend his services.





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